Los Angeles is returning to its roots

Los Angeles was built around two streetcar networks—1,100 miles of Pacific Electric “Red Car” tracks and the 650-mile Los Angeles Railway “Yellow Car” network—and is now in the midst of a monumental effort to overcome 60+ years of car-centric development and return to its roots as a transit-oriented, walkable, bicycle-friendly city. For the past 15 years Downtown LA has led the way, helping Angelenos reimagine their built environment and spurring changes that have helped create a safer, healthier, more fun and environmentally sustainable region. The Downtown LA Streetcar supports that vision by improving connections to a vital regional transit network, bringing new life to dis-invested areas, and helping to address our expansive downtown’s first-mile / last-mile problems and give people like you an alternative to traffic, parking, and all the other headaches that come with driving in a bustling urban center.

The Downtown LA Streetcar will be a modern, fixed-rail streetcar that offers new choices for how you connect to downtown’s neighborhoods, restaurants and bars, cultural and entertainment landmarks, and regional transportation resources—including Metro’s growing rail network. The four-mile route will run approximately 18 hours a day to connect riders with places like South Park, the Financial District and Historic Broadway, Grand Park and the Civic Center, the Fashion District, and the Convention Center, Staples Center, and LA Live.

The streetcar will be the most frequent streetcar service in the entire country, with 7-minute headways during peak hours and frequencies of 10 to 15 minutes during off-hours. With frequent service and door-to-door service throughout the community, the Downtown LA Streetcar will offer an attractive alternative to driving between neighborhood destinations for residents and visitors alike, and it will catalyze additional commercial and residential development in the city’s most urban, transit-accessible core.

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